Packing Tips

10 Packing Tips for a Smooth Move

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  1. Pack non-essential items in advance.
  2. Set packing goals and deadlines so that all packing is complete by moving day.
  3. Label boxes on the side and tops.
  4. Unplug all electronic equipment such as TVs, stereos, home computers, 12 hours in advance of move so that they will be at room temperature.  Heat retained in these items can cause internal damage.
  5. Use smaller boxes for heavy items and larger boxes for lighter ones. Rule of thumb: The heavier the item, the smaller the box should be.
  6. Pack “OPEN ME FIRST” boxes of things you will need immediately at your new home.  We’ll load them last so that they unload first.
  7. Pack clothing and linens in dresser drawers.  This reduces the number of boxes you’ll need.  Do not pack books, magazines, weights and other heavy items in dresser drawers.  This added weight makes them too heavy to lift and risks damaging the furniture during transport.
  8. Keep items from the same room in the same box.
  9. Do not interlock the ends of boxes. Taping is safer and more reliable.
  10. Have enough boxes so you can keep packing without having to stop and buy more boxes.  Being properly prepared will save you plenty of time and stress.

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